Pakula 24" Dredge Strip Teaser Spreader Bar with 13 Flash Strips

Fish: Slimy


Pakula 24" Dredge Strip Teaser Spreader Bar with 13 Flash Strips


  • Includes 13" Dredge Spreader Bar
  • 13 Drop. 12 Single & 1 Triple Flash Strips
  • Each Strip is 120cm in length and contains 4 fish
  • Select from Slimy, Redbait, Silver Flash, Brad J Lumo Garfish Strips

Our Game Fishing Teasers are among the best Marlin and Tuna Teasers on the market. All of our branded teasers often feature in the Marlin Magazine Top 10 best game lures and teasers for tuna and marlin of the decade.

Target Species:

  • Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna, Longtail Tuna Mahi, Ahi, Mahi Mahi, Dolphinfish, Salmon, Kingfish, Wahoo, GTs, Sailfish

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