Pakula Dojo Swivel Rigs Heavy SWH20 SWH25 SWH30 SWH35 SWH40

Size: SWH 25 / 15


Pakula Dojo Swivel Rigs Light SWL20 SWL25 SWL30 SWL35 SWL40

Stainless steel single game fishing Hook swivel Rig from Pakula Tackle. Designed to fit the Pakula Tackle skirted trolling lure range.

The Pakula Single Hook Swivel Rig allows the hook to remain point up regardless of what the lure is doing.

In rougher conditions, we recommend using Pakula Keel weights to make the rig more stable, click on the image to go to the buy page

Guide for which rigs to use for Pakula Lures:

Light Gauge Dojo Hooks - sizes 15 to 40 are for line classes 4kg to 15 kg minimum drag 2kg maximum 5kg
X Strong Gauge Dojo Hooks - sizes 25 to 40 are for line classes 15kg to 37kg minimum drag 5kg, maximum 18kg 
XX Strong Gauge Doko Hooks - sizes 45 to 60 are for line classes 37kg and 60kg minimum drag 12kg maximum 50kg

Size 25/04 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 04 lures

Size 25/10 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 10 lures

Size 25/15 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 15 lures

Size 25/25 - are size 25 hooks - length for size 25 lures

Size 30 - are size 30 hooks - length for size 30 lures

Size 35 - are size 35 hooks - length for size 35 lures

Size 40 - are size 40 hooks - length for size 40 lures

    Check out our other great teasers below:

    The 100% Australian Pakula Hippy Witchdoctor


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