Pakula Paua Long Chuggers Chatterbox Patriot Game Fishing Lures

Size: Paua Patriot 12.60"
Skirt Color: Blue Hawaii


Paua Long Chuggers

Patriot - Chatterbox

LC KA 700x700

Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger or any position in rough choppy conditions.
Main Colours: Brad J, Black Betty, Bruiser, Torro, Petrolio, Hot Frigate, Billy B

Pakula Paua Long Chuggers Information - Click Here

The Long Chuggers are the most recent addition to the Pakula range of tournament lures. Though they may seem new, they are in fact the first lures Peter Pakula ever designed and made for his own use in his tournament campaigns around Sydney, Australia.

It was this set of lures that explored the cobalt currents which flow wide off the coast in search of the Blue Marlin that the area now takes for granted. This time of exploration was very exciting, resulting in many of the trolling techniques used today.

Unlike all other Pakula Lures, these lures are not for novices. They are deadly weapons in the hands of those who know how to get the best out of lures with regards to position and speed. They work best in the lower half of pressure waves at hunting speeds of eight knots and over. Long Chuggers work well in all conditions, especially in rough and choppy seas.

Their action is quite variable from a tight shimmer to an aggressive head rattle. By watching your rod tip you will actually see it load up as the lure digs deep below the wash. It then releases pressure as it actually accelerates back to just under the surface (when a lure does this it is known as “black rippling”) where it loads up again before exploding on the surface, grabbing maximum air before smoking back to the depths. When run correctly this is a remarkable range of lures. Keep in mind that they must be tuned correctly to achieve maximum benefit from the lures design.

This set of lures is where the reputation of the name Pakula all began, from where all other Pakula Lures were developed and game fishing on the mid East Australian coast centred around Sydney was at its most competitive.

Get accustomed to these lures in the short trolling positions before trying them in other positions. On many occasions these lures have caught many fish in these positions for boats that have never had any success on their short lures.

The action of the Long Chuggers is so aggressive that the use of Pakula Shackle Rigs is highly recommended, as normal rigging will fatigue very quickly.

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