Pakula Paua Jet Bullets Jet 15 25 35 Brad J Game Fishing Lures

Size: Paua Bullet Jet 15
Skirt Color: Blue Hawaii


Pakula Paua Jet Bullets

Bullet Jet 15 - Bullet Jet 25 - Bullet Jet 35


Pakula Paua Jet Bullret Information

The Bullet Jet 35 was introduced in August 2018 due to the success of the Bullet Jet size 25 earlier in the year catching a 338kg Blue Marlin for Ron Kovas and on the same weekend winning the Portalnd Tuna Comp with a 108kg Bluefin for Paul Hourmouzis plus reports of the Brad J bullet getting 80% of captures in tournaments and many other great catches. Run on the shotgun the Pakula Bullet range looks set to continue getting results.

Bullets are usually run sub surface so they do not need to be tuned on pressure waves. However, a great technique with many lures is running them so they 'Black Ripple' which is running lures high on outriggers and run closer to the boat than normal so they run in the surface layers pushing a bow wave.

PosPosition: Any position but best in Shotgun Position
Main Colours: Brad J, Arc Angel, Blue Crystal MT, Illusion, Magnet Blue, Fire Slash, Slash, Torro

 Name  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class   Leader  Head Length  Head Width  Skirt Size - Cut Length   Total Length
 Paua Bullet Jet 15  PDBUJ15  Dojo 20 or 25 20/15 25/15  6kg  100lb  36mm  - 1.40 "  23mm  - 0.90"   PS15 - 150mm - 6.00"  186mm - 7.40"
 Paua Bullet Jet 25  PDBUJ25  Dojo 25 25/25  8kg  150lb  42mm - 1.60"  25mm - 1.00"  PS20 - 195mm - 7.75"  237mm - 9.35"
 Paua Bullet Jet 35  PDYBUJ5  Dojo 35 35/35  15kg  200lb  53mm - 2.00"  31mm - 1.20"  PS35 - 265mm -10.50"  317mm - 12.50"

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