Pakula Paua Sprockets Micro Mini Medium Sprocket Game Fishing Lures

Size: Paua Micro Sprocket
Skirt Color: Blue Hawaii


Pakula Sprockets are simply the most productive lure in every trolling situation, in every ocean of the world, universally used by all successful Pakula trollers. The Sprocket Series is responsible for many milestones in the Pakula lists of major achievements including the Lexus, Compass, Sanctuary Cove six years in straight, the HIBT twice, the three major tournaments in N.S.W, the Golden Lure, The International and Shootout three years in a row, the heaviest marlin in Sydney waters to 1966, plus five straight tournaments on the Gold Coast Blue Marlin grounds, plus countless other tournament and trophy wins worldwide. The Pakula Sprocket is a legend, having been listed in the Marlin Magazine top 10 Lures of all time every time the survey has been done.

The Sprockets are very easy to use as they are virtually automatic. Put them anywhere in the trolling pattern at any normal trolling speed in any normal trolling conditions and they will do the rest! The number of successes on the Sprocket might hide the fact that they also account for a huge number of novice captures in particular "First Marlin" for so many anglers.

Their working action starts as the Sprocket hits the surface to breathe, then dives under the surface with a very tight , long bubble trail with a continuous shimmering swimming action that drives fish crazy. They then swim out of their smoke trail and shoot back to the surface to start the cycle again. Set correctly they should repeat the cycle every five seconds.

Though Pakula Sprockets can be run in any position they are at their best as a long rigger lure, particularly in the our Green Lumo colours have accounted for a great many First Marlin captures, Tournament Wins and the largest fish of the season twice in Cairns. If you are only ever going to take one piece of advice from us then let it be "Run the Lumo Sprocket on the long rigger, and leave it there!" Many of the successes on Pakula Lures are with this lure in this position. It may not catch fish for a while, but when it starts working nothing else will come close. Its tight swimming action works in all conditions at any trolling speed. It is totally irresistible, especially now that the lure comes with the updated Lumo Skirts. Don't leave home without a Lumo Sprocket! In fact you'll more than likely need spares. Anglers have been known to troll a full spread of Lumo Sprockets!

Simply put the Pakula Sprocket works in every game fishing ground in the world for every pelagic. They are the professional's favourite and beginners dream. If you ever have to choose just one lure it should be a Pakula Sprocket!

 Name  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class   Leader  Head Length  Head Width  Skirt Size - Cut Length   Total Length
 Paua Micro Sprocket  PDSP15  Dojo 20 or 25 20/15 25/15  6kg  100lb  30mm - 1.20"  23mm - 0.90"   PS15 - 150mm - 6.00"  180mm - 7.20"
 Paua Mini Sprocket  PDSP25  Dojo 25 25/25  6kg  150lb  37mm - 1.47"  28mm - 1.10"  PS20 - 195mm - 7.75"  232mm - 9.22"
 Paua Medium Sprocket  PDSP35  Dojo 30 30/30  15kg  200lb  45mm - 1.77"  33mm - 1.30"  PS35 - 265mm -10.50"  310mm - 12.27"
 Paua Sprocket  PDSP40  Dojo 40 or 45 40/40 45/40  24kg  400lb  47mm - 1.80"  37mm - 1.50"  PS40 - 324mm - 12.75"  376mm - 14.75"

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