Trout Flies Fly Fishing Flies Lures 32 PACK



Trout Flies Fly Fishing Flies Lures 32 PACK

No need to visit a Fly Shop or buy Fly Tying Materials, you can buy Trout Flies Fly Fishing Lures from us in bulk! Our Freshwater Fishing Fly Lures Bulk Pack comes with a free compact tackle box for safe keeping. We've spent alot of time chasing Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout at Lake Lyell and Thompsons Creek Dam West of Sydney for great results! This Fly Lure Bulk Pack includes a collection of bugs, insects and nymph fly fishing lures to cater to all classes of anglers.


  • Size: Small
  • Colour: As pictured
  • Qty: 32 Flys + Free Box

Target Species:

  • Bass, Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Carp, Estuary Perch, Goldern Perch, Silver Perch, Catfish, Saratoga, Barramundi, Redfin

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