7" Deep Diving Trolling Hardbody Fishing Lures Tuna Kingfish Minnows XRAP



7" Deep Diving Trolling Hardbody Fishing Lures Tuna Kingfish Minnows XRAP

An aggressive, fast swimming game fishing trolling fishing lure is one of the best tuna lures when they for raising game fish when they are shutdown. Equipped with a large oversized bib, these lures get down and dirty to the depth the tuna are feeding at. They feature life-like scales and are built extra tough! These deep-diving Game Fishing Lures are dynamite on all game fish species and are known Wahoo and Mahi Slayers! They are also deadly on Albacore! They are a must for every serious 6m trailer boat spending a day trolling lures in the deep blue sea. These bullets can be trolled up to 10 knots across the continental shelf, along canyons and underwater mountains such as Browns Mountain (FREE GPS Marks can be found in our GPS Marks Library).


  • Type:  Diving Minnows
  • Qty: 3
  • Length: 7"
  • Superior Casting
  • High Quality Components
  • Deep Diving Oversized bib

Target Species:

  • Fishing Lures for Marlin, Tuna, Ahi, Mahi, Wahoo, GTs, Flathead, Bluefin Tuna

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