Face Shields Bandana Tubes - Solid Colour

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Face Shields Bandana Tubes 

Australian Face Shields Tubes Bandanas are the most popular Face Shields among the fishing community! They can be worn over 12 different ways from a wrist band, to a headband and everything in between. Face Shields in Australia is a multi functional anti dust face mask and offers amazing comfort, quality and durability. Solid Colour Face Shields will give you protection you from the harsh elements Australia calls home. Australia Face Shields will keep you Warm and buff in Winter and give you the UV sun protection you need in the summer! Although not medically tested, we have had increasing demand for face masks and face coverings for Coronavirus and Covid-19.

Our Face shields are a one size fits all for both adults and children and are regularly used for Fishing, Boating, Hunting, Camping, Sports, Crossfit and Running, Sports Events and Games, Corporate and Work Events, PPE for Constructions Sites and for Charity or School Events. You can even wear them as a fashion statement or get in contact to make and design your own Face Shields.


  • 100% Seamless Polyester Microfiber Material
  • Protect against the elements, wind, sun and Dust
  • Moisture wicking/repelling
  • 2 way lateral stretch
  • Odor Control
  • Breathable


  • Dimensions: 480mmx 230mm
  • Qty: As selected
  • Colour: As Selected

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