Minn Kota Micro Remote Bluetooth Post 2017

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Minn Kota Micro Remote Bluetooth after 2017

Minn Kota's advanced GPS navigation system gives you full command of your trolling motor. But when you want simplified, compact control, grab the new waterproof Bluetooth Micro Remote accessory for quick command of Spot-Lock, speed, steering and AutoPilot. Navigation systems can learn multiple remotes for increased flexibility.

  • Minn Kota trolling motors can learn multiple remotes - so you can use your standard remote and Micro Remote together.
  • Compatible only with Bluetooth-enabled Minn Kota navigation systems manufactured after 2017.
  • Waterproof
  • Remote is powered by one replaceable CR2450 coin cell lithium battery.
  • Includes neck lanyard.
Product Name Micro Remote-Bluetooth
Part Number 604218-BLA
UPC 0029402051199

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