Kayak Floating Lip Grips Red



Floating Fish Grips

Our Floating Fish Gripper are the best Fish Lip Grippers on the market featuring a unique locking device and safety lanyard. Our Lip grips are non intrusive and provide ease and safe handling of all fish species. These Fish Holder Tools can be applied to all saltwater and freshwater applications with an increasing popularity for the Kayak Angler Community and those looking for a Kayak Lip Gripper Tool. They are a must have for the tackle box!


  • Handle fish safely when landing and releasing
  • Floats design
  • Includes Safety Wrist Lanyard
  • Corrosion resistant plastic construction


  • 23cm
  • Easy Fish Hook Remover Tool

    Our Easy Fish Hook Remover Pro Tool is an essential fishing tool and provides an easy way to remove your fishing hook. It is made from the highest quality Stainless Steel & plastic components. Removing a hook from a fish has never been easier and is 100% safe! Our Hook Disgorger allows the angler to remove the hooks from the fishes mouth using one hand.


    • Rounded Edge Pin for quick and easy hook removal
    • Dehook your fish fast, easy and safely
    • Operate using one hand
    • Stainless Steel Hook Head
    • Harmless to fish
    • Works if both Saltwater and Freshwater fishing applications
    • Ergonomic plastic handles

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