Swordfish Diamond LED Lights for Deep Drop Blue Eye Gemfish

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Swordfish Diamond LED Lights for Deep Drop Fishing Blue Eye Gemfish

Light up your world with our new range of Swordfish Diamond LED Fishing Lights designed to be used Deep Dropping the Southern Canyons and Sydney's Browns Mountain (Free GPS Marks can be founde HERE). These are among the best LED Flashing Strobe Fishing Lights on the market and are high quality commercial grade fishing supplies. These night fishing lights offer a great alternative to clip on chemical fishing lights and are extremely effective when fishing Yamashita and Yo Zuri Squid Jigs at night.


  • Water activated
  • 300-350hrs of use time
  • Internal Batteries included
  • Small Bright, Solid and Durable
  • Rated for a depth of over 3000 feet (1000m)
  • Corrosion resistant plastic construction


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